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Liz Van Dyke


Landscape Architecture
EOI 2023 ++
  1. A Greenhouse + Market Hall: Barnes’ Barns in the Grid of Des Moines
  2. The Landscape of Wind: Synthetic & Natural Energy Flows
  3. Dreamscapes of Aurora: Geothermal Landscapes of Energy and Rejuvenation

  4. The Ruinous Edge: Urban Assemblages and Frameworks
  5. Do-Nothing Landforms
  6. Pleistocene Park
  7. Mapping & Representation

Architecture Design
EOI 2020 ++
  1. The Production of Doubt: A Monolithic Tower in New York City
  2. Illusion Relief
  3. Shifted Landscapes
  4. Running of the Rooms
  5. Mandelbulb
  6. Oblique
  7. Illumination
  8. Upside Down Hospital

Writings / Exhibitions
EOI 2023 ++
  1. GSD Kirkland Gallery 
  2. Architectural Performance Through Duchamp’s Large Glass
  3. Dynamic Raumplan
  4. On Abstraction and Dissolving Anatomical Forms

Object Int’l —
  1. Architecture is a perfect metaphor, an allegory in volume. When placed its sculptural limits beget a kind of artistic proposition — and when considered with reduced anthropomorphism and ungeologically — produce a ready-made analog to the causation and bounds of our attempts at the understanding of all things.


2. Illusion Relief

Illusion Relief. An 8x4’ model. 

WP / 2017
From Illusion Relief

            By using media to displace material, Illusion Relief is adapted from a transformation of legibility. When opening a glass door; we see the landscape of the city reverberating in front of us. This enhances the invisible occurrences of a moment moving through a threshold.
            The main focus is to analyze the intersections based on these collisions of image, landscape, and transparency through image, animation, to model.  A hologram serves as a means of projection to augment the experience by animation. Shadow is used as a technique the process by which the walls cross, fold, and collide - unfold a duly abstract space.