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Liz Van Dyke


Landscape Architecture
EOI 2023 ++
  1. A Greenhouse + Market Hall: Barnes’ Barns in the Grid of Des Moines
  2. The Landscape of Wind: Synthetic & Natural Energy Flows
  3. Dreamscapes of Aurora: Geothermal Landscapes of Energy and Rejuvenation

  4. The Ruinous Edge: Urban Assemblages and Frameworks
  5. Do-Nothing Landforms
  6. Pleistocene Park
  7. Mapping & Representation

Architecture Design
EOI 2020 ++
  1. The Production of Doubt: A Monolithic Tower in New York City
  2. Illusion Relief
  3. Shifted Landscapes
  4. Running of the Rooms
  5. Mandelbulb
  6. Oblique
  7. Illumination
  8. Upside Down Hospital

Writings / Exhibitions
EOI 2023 ++
  1. GSD Kirkland Gallery 
  2. Architectural Performance Through Duchamp’s Large Glass
  3. Dynamic Raumplan
  4. On Abstraction and Dissolving Anatomical Forms

Object Int’l —
  1. Architecture is a perfect metaphor, an allegory in volume. When placed its sculptural limits beget a kind of artistic proposition — and when considered with reduced anthropomorphism and ungeologically — produce a ready-made analog to the causation and bounds of our attempts at the understanding of all things.


7. Illumination: A Gallery Wine Bar

WB / 2015
From Illumination: A Gallery Wine Bar

            Like the elements congruent to an open architectural cave, lighting systems should alter precarious moods. Creating this type of unique cavern for a wine bar was ideal. The shape is a prototype for a geologic lighting fixture. It is the same geometric primitive that drives the wine bar in multiple directions towards different points of view. The same shape is additionally used for table and furniture. The pieces are operational and technical, other shapes are visual. If lighting can be read as a piece of physiology, we can understand the parts by simulating a contemporary shape so that analog pieces come together in order for deviation to occur. The lighting design suggests a luminous experience as an element performing both as light fixture and design. It is programmed for the North Gallery located at SCI-Arc. The wine bar is taken as both an installation and design. It serves as a focal point and entry to the gallery next door.

Fiber Optic Lighting
            The lighting design is made of optical fiber, which is a flexible transparent fiber made by drawing glass, or plastic. These strands are thicker and larger. Optical fibers are used most often as a means to transmit light between the two ends of the fiber, where the permit transmission carries  over long distances to support higher bandwith wire cables. 
            This lighting design includes a transparent core surrounded by classing material. The lighting fixture is kept at the core so that the total internal reflection causes the fibers to act as a waveguide. This method of lighting is used as a decorative wall lamp and chandelier system for a cavernous nightlife environment. 


Group Credit: Sean Justin, Nico Yoon, and Ivan Zhang.